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Black Gold (Boomtown Boys #1)

When country singer Chase Warner’s father dies, he hangs up his guitar for good, moves to North Dakota and signs on as a derrick hand. Soon he learns that an honest day’s work bringing oil from the earth gives him far more satisfaction than performing ever did.

Black Heat (Boomtown Boys #2)

Calvin Dixon grew up tough. After spending much of his adolescence on the streets, he vows to turn his life around, and enrolls in the police academy. Despite high marks, the top cops in town remember Cal’s past, and there’s no place for him on the force.

Black Flame (Boomtown Boys #3)

Jane-of-all-trades Deneen Burgess is sick and tired of fulfilling her family’s expectation that she’ll fail yet again. But her latest surefire scheme, to start a wedding planning business with her sister as her first unwitting client, comes to a screeching halt when she arrives in frigid Conway, North Dakota only to discover that her sister’s left town.

Black Ember (Boomtown Boys #4)

When Caryn Carver’s socialite mother breaks the news that Caryn’s biological father is dying, she decides to travel from New York City to North Dakota to meet the man who abandoned her as a baby. All she knows about Buddy Travers is that he never once tried to contact her, and he owns a bar in the middle of nowhere.

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About Ruby

Ruby Laska writes sweet small-town romance...and HOT erotic love stories!

Ruby Laska grew up next to a forest and a fallow field. Her father planted a garden in the field, and Ruby and her siblings pitched in with the hoeing, weeding, and harvesting. But when the chores were done, she never missed a chance to slip away into the woods, carrying a book and a wax-paper package of Ritz crackers, to the tree house built by some prior generation. Up among the branches, she read the Narnia chronicles, Little Women, and every book of fairy tales she could get her hands on.

Ruby tried to find that tree house once while visiting Arkansas. But much of the forest has now been developed for new homes, and she couldn’t find the tree among those that remained. Like so many childhood pleasures, it has slipped away into the realm of fond memories. The books Ruby read in her leafy hideaway, however, have not.
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