Black Ember

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When Caryn Carver’s socialite mother breaks the news that Caryn’s biological father is dying, she decides to travel from New York City to North Dakota to meet the man who abandoned her as a baby. All she knows about Buddy Travers is that he never once tried to contact her, and he owns a bar in the middle of nowhere.

One problem: how to elude the paparazzi who constantly hound Caryn and her family? A hasty home makeover turns out badly, but at least it disguises Caryn so she can make the trip. She locates her bio-dad’s bar and even lands a job as a waitress, all the better to get to know Buddy, but there’s no sign of him—and all of her possessions are stolen before the end of her first shift.

Lawyer-turned-oilman Zane Olivo is perfectly content to let other guys make commitments, while he stays on the sidelines. Getting involved has never worked out well for him. While attending his roommate’s bachelor party at Buddy’s Tavern, he’s accosted by a surly waitress with a bad haircut and a worse disposition. But when a momentary lapse of judgment spurs him to be a Good Samaritan, he’s got a beautiful troublemaker on his hands for the long wedding weekend.


When the recession strikes Red Fork, Arkansas, leaving five friends desperate for a new start, they head for Conway, North Dakota to make their fortunes in the oil boom. Matthew, Calvin, Chase, Jimmy, and Zane are no strangers to hard work, but life on an oil rig means long shifts, difficult conditions and constant danger, and total commitment to bringing the black gold up from deep below the earth’s surface. (contemporary romance, heroes, alpha males, wild west, sweet romance, bad boys, falling in love, women’s fiction, love story)