Black Flame

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Jane-of-all-trades Deneen Burgess is sick and tired of fulfilling her family’s expectation that she’ll fail yet again. But her latest surefire scheme, to start a wedding planning business with her sister as her first unwitting client, comes to a screeching halt when she arrives in frigid Conway, North Dakota only to discover that her sister’s left town.

When a good Samaritan with an eye-popping build shows up in a pickup truck, Deneen decides to take a break from her pity party.

Jimmy Mason was the smartest kid in Red Fork, Arkansas, but his goal of becoming an inventor was set aside so he could care for his ailing mother. After her death, his friends talked him into heading north to find work in the oil fields, where he tinkers and lifts weights in his spare time. There’s no place for women in Jimmy’s life—until the ditzy chick of his dreams starts shaking things up.



When the recession strikes Red Fork, Arkansas, leaving five friends desperate for a new start, they head for Conway, North Dakota to make their fortunes in the oil boom. Matthew, Calvin, Chase, Jimmy, and Zane are no strangers to hard work, but life on an oil rig means long shifts, difficult conditions and constant danger, and total commitment to bringing the black gold up from deep below the earth’s surface.

It takes a special kind of woman to thrive in an oil town. The women who love the Boomtown Boys are as beautiful as the wildflowers dotting the gently rolling plains, as tough as the rocky Dakota Badlands, and passionate enough to keep their men warm through the long northern winters.