Mandy Makes Her Mark

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Pretty is as pretty does….

Mandy Leif came to Los Angeles two years ago to head up the modeling agency employing her impossible sister, Luna, and Luna’s gorgeous but thoroughly unpleasant boyfriend Tad. Enduring her sister’s snubs and Tad’s rudeness is just part of the job—until the day Luna announces she and Tad split up, and she’s quitting the agency. Now Mandy is one model short for a wedding dress shoot on Cupid Island. With nothing like her sister’s tiny waist size, and her feet firmly on the ground, can she really pull off pretending to be a model for two days?

Tad Eckholm knows he’s got the goods. Too bad the only things he loves in life are writing screenplays—and his ex-girlfriend’s sister. He endures modeling gigs so he can be near her, but how can he show her he’s a lot more than a pretty face?